Signature Campaign to Release Political Prisoners in Bhutan.


His Majesty The King of Bhutan

Tashichhodzong, Thimphu

Kingdom of Bhutan


Sub: Appeal to Release Political Prisoners.


Your Majesty,

With due respect we the following justice loving global citizens would like to put forward our most sincere request for your kind consideration.

Following the dawn of democratic government and constitutional monarchy, we have a great expectation that our brothers and sisters who were arrested on political grounds who are serving prison sentences in various prisons in Bhutan will be given amnesty. 

Your Majesty, 

Most of the family members of those political prisoners are already resettled in various eight countries after living many years in Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal. Most of them have successfully gained citizenship of the countries they resettled. Others are in the process of acquiring. Despite being living in the economically developed countries and enjoying all necessary amenities, they feel incomplete and emotionally desolate only because their close family members/relatives/friends have been serving in Bhutan’s prisons. They have remained disconnected following their resettlement after which ICRC stopped their family visit programme. Those in the prisons are their dear husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, friends without whom it has become increasingly difficult for them to live a modest life, no matter where and how they are now living.

Therefore we the undersigned, with our heavy heart, request Your Majesty’s good office to  gracefully use the constitutional Royal Prerogatives (per Article 2.16.c of the constitution of Bhutan) to provide amnesty to their most beloved family/friends members. We would be ever grateful to your Majesty if our honest and sincere appeal is duly considered. 

Your Majesty, 

The elderly parents of those political prisoners are in the way of dying without their wishes to see  the face of their beloved son’s being fulfilled. Children of those prisoners who were just born have a great wishes to see their fathers and likewise other family members. They have been waiting for decades in the hope of getting opportunities to live rest of their lives  peacefully together.


We humbly look forward for Your Majesty’s positive response to our most sincere appeal.


Sincerely yours,