Let there be light in Ettalong

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Ettalong Foreshore Lights

2022-06-27 21:18:54

The fabulous newspaper article by Coast News was a huge success . It has helped Council take notice and they are responding soon 

I love Ettalong Beach

Lights on Ettalong Beach Foreshore

2022-06-16 13:00:04

We are invigorating the Light Petition with encouragement of many residents and businesses that are affected by the absence of solar powered lighting . The area would be safer and the park area enjoyed after dark . Economic sense as well . Please sign and share . Its reach is 7000 people 

I love Ettalong Beach

Lights at Ettalong Foreshore

2022-06-07 04:55:17

One year later and with the advice and encouragement of MP Adam Crouch Leisl Tesch we are in the process of applying for a community grant with the help of Brisbane Water Rotary as there are now funds available each electorate  been given $400,000 . We are just applying for something like 10,000 even now in the last year is more Restaurants and cafes have organically grown in the area it is still left in total darkness along the entire foreshore

quote of last year ' would look magical '


I am normally not a patient person but I really cannot let this stand the way it is I have so many people telling me yes we want to see this but nothing has been done. 

I love Ettalong Beach

Ettalong Lights

2021-09-16 03:01:32

Hi welcome to spring I thought when I activated this back in June that something would happen by spring or at least summer so I know things go very slowly if you could either email Adam Crouch or Lisle to say that you want safety lighting for the foreshore The box continues to be closed we are still in lockdown and there are more and more visitors enjoying Ettalong . A grant of $470,000 was just given for Crackneck so all we are looking out is something under 10,000 please join me in demanding some action either send a message to the newspaper Pelican Post etc

I love Ettalong Beach

Let There Be Light Ettalong Update

2021-08-24 04:19:02

Thank you so much for all your support we have gained 110 signatures and Adam Crouch MP has put forward the proposal to the council and will be following up with more information to the supporters emails . in the meantime the bollards were repaired and so those lights are on now at 6 pm 

I love Ettalong Beach

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