Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti

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Great news and one last request

2013-09-29 19:27:44


We have great news to report!

September 11th the contract between the government and Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire was signed!

Midst November 2013 we will start the project

We are happy as can be, because now finally there is a structural and animal friendly solution. This rescue plan for the donkeys of Bonaire crowns our foundation’s 20th Anniversary. In an extra newsletter we will explain exactly what will be done.

The petition will end; but we will continue!

We thank you profoundly! The petition has been signed 11.364 times. With your support, by signing the petition, we have given a voice to the donkeys and prevented the donkeys to be transported to Haiti. Even more, we are now able to make sure that they can live safely!

After this current update the petition will be closed. When you want to be updated of the continuance of the so called ‘capture agreement’ and how Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire is doing, then please befriend Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire on our Facebook page.

One last request…

Government support is only for donkeys that are part of the so called ‘capture agreement’. For the donkeys that are already in our compound we need to find the means to keep providing them with food and other essentials ourselves, which - in the current economic landscape - is not an easy task.

Coming Friday is World Animal Day. Also for the donkeys that are already with us. Especially for them we now ask for your support, financial support, which is desperately needed. All changes and adjustments that needed to be made for the relief of all new donkeys coming in were a huge investment. Therefor our financial means increased considerably.


You can transfer a donation online; on our website and on our Facebook page it is possible to donate directly and safe.

When you want to support our activities on a more structural basis you could also adopt a donkey. You can read all about adoption here.

We kindly thank you for your support!

Marina Melis and the team of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire


Donkey update

2013-02-26 23:59:50
We have some great news to share!
Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire now entered the final stages of negotiations with the government. And it looks promising!
We expect the contract to be signed within just a couple of weeks to grant the experienced employees of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire to capture and emasculate the wild donkeys. Afterwards the donkeys can live a safe and well cared-for life at the premises of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire.
Obviously we will inform you as soon as we know more!

But…. not far from Bonaire, on the isle of Saint Eustatius, another ‘Special Dutch Municipality’, approx. 80 donkeys are in severe danger! The animals are willingly and knowingly abused because of being denied enough water, food, medical care and protection against the sun.

Of course we also take action for them. You can read more information about that:

The solution is the foundation of a donkey sanctuary on Saint Eustatius. Greenfound Foundation (non-profit) is willing to take on this responsibility. Unfortunately there is no co-operation what so ever from the responsible Ministry.

Can the donkeys count on your support again? With your signature on this petition we can give them a voice!

Thank you!


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