Boston College COVID-19 Booster Mandate

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BC Headline Says it All

2022-01-20 02:52:58

This headline says it all.

Please help us break 1,000 signatures and invite others to sign.


BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni


2022-01-16 02:50:05

If anyone has had an exemption denied - medical or religious - would you please message us through the petition link?

Thank you

BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni

800! Keep emailing...

2022-01-15 13:05:08

We've passed 800 signatures - now on to 1,000! Please keep sharing and asking others you know to sign. This fight is too important and failure could mean devastating consequences for some.

Our kids need to see that we won't back down from fighting for their rights and protecting their health

The BC administration appears to be taking notice of our petition and emails. According to several employees, BC's HR Dept is anxious to get any stragler employees to comply, holding meetings (another one scheduled for Monday) with employees and unions on what it will take for them to roll up their sleeves. They don't want the public outcry when they fire people for not getting the booster, yet they will be forced to do so. Why is that? What's the urgency?

These are all employees - much like our students - who already complied with the mandate of last August. Many took shots they did not want, simply to keep their jobs. Some have suffered life-altering side effects. Yet BC just wants compliance.

Please email BC this morning and show support for these employees and our kids.

To the BC Administration,

We stand unified in our opposition to the current booster mandate and respectfully request an equitable modification that recommends, rather than requires, the booster shot. And we hope you will respect the rights and wishes of BC employees who do not want these shots.
School communities across the country are fighting back, holding the line. 
Thank you for your support and we hope you will email BC in support of these employees.
One article we think is worth reading:

BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni

Urgent Request for Support

2022-01-14 14:03:58

Per our email last night, we ask that you send a quick email to the BC Administration this morning in solidarity with any employees at the school who want to have a voice in the decisions about their health.

Students have already begun returning, so the timing is urgent. Emails and suggested text are below.

Also, please read and share this open letter to BC Faculty and Staff from Dr. Hooman Noorchashm. It is beautifully written and expresses many of the concerns so many of us have.

Feel free to include this in your email.


To the BC Administration,

We stand unified in our opposition to the current booster mandate and respectfully request an equitable modification that recommends, rather than requires, the booster shot.




BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni

BC Administration Takes Notice

2022-01-14 03:27:19

We have received reports that the Boston College administration has taken notice of our petition.


Several Boston College employees have informed us that the unions have been offered monetary incentives to comply with the booster mandate - and NOT support the petition.


If these reports are true, the school is ignoring the medical concerns of employees for the sake of compliance and to shutdown any dialogue on the matter.

Please email the administration directly, at the emails below. Time is critical as they reference a few thousand "hold outs" who have not complied.


To the BC Administration,


We stand unified in our petition and respectfully request an equitable modification that recommends, rather than requires, the booster shot.



Please support our community, which includes the voices of BC employees and faculty.


We hope you will consider sending an email.


Thank you

BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni

Press Release - College Coalition

2022-01-11 17:09:57

BC parents, students, faculty, and staff have formed a coalition with parents from other colleges, who are also seeking to address booster mandates at their schools.

Please see the attached press release. If you would, please download or screen shot the press release and share with any contacts in the press that you know or can find (just google or go to a media web site or Twitter page for how you can contact them). 

Thank you!



BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni


2022-01-11 16:30:57

























No B.S. (Booster Shot) College Coalition Against Booster Mandates without Exceptions

BC Update

2022-01-10 14:39:11

Good Morning!

Thanks to your support, we have more than 600 signatures of our petition.

Please keep sharing and encouraging others in the BC community to join our fight. Students are getting booster shots this week to comply with BC's one-size-fits-all mandate so we need the support now.

Please see Dr. Noorchashm's open letter to Father Leahy here: Please forward to others.

This clip from an interview of CDC Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, undermines the argument that the booster mandate will cut down on transmission:

Consider sharing this clip with BC administrators (Fr. Leahy, Health Services, Dr. Comeau) and demand a reply on why they are mandating a booster without providing for any exceptions

And finally, we have formed a coalition with parents, students, and faculty from other colleges and universities also seeking to get "off ramps" to their own school's booster mandate. Please follow us on Twitter @NoBSCoalition and share the links to these school's petitions (below) with anyone you know connected to them.

The coalition includes BC, Cornell, Villanova, St. Joe's, Northeastern, UVA, Santa Clara, William & Mary, the UC school system, UMASS, and Georgetown.

Thank you for your support!






















BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni

Boston College Petition Continues to Gather Momentum

2022-01-08 17:03:21

Our petition is now more than 500 "men and women for others" strong! On to 1,000!


All of us together have inspired similar petitions at schools across the country. Please see the links to those schools on our petition pages and share with people you know who have ties to those schools.


Please share the link to our petition (below) with your BC connections as well as post the link to any social media channels related to BC. Send to the press - anything to help us grow.


If your BC student is too afraid to sign his or her name (sad reality), please encourage them to identify themselves another way (for example, "Sophomore Science Major Female" or "Junior Male English Major"  or "Lacrosse Team Member"). Whatever gets them involved. Emails will not be shared with anyone.


We are also posting two links from Dr. Noorchashm below, including a letter he sent to the BC Health Services staff this past week.


Thank you again for your support. Your comments and emails are inspiring!


And I sign off this update with an excerpt from on our petition signers and BC alumni:


The lack of discourse on Covid as well as other moral issues at Boston College is pathetic. This defeats the whole purpose of “education”. Indoctrination has taken its place. This was not the BC I love and attended. (SOM 76).

Did you notice how many people will not even give their names on this Petition, believing retribution may be coming their way? This is the same attitude among many current students attending BC today. 

Fear is not a gift of the Holy Spirit. Their mandated protocols, made no mention of “following your conscience” the bottom line in Catholic teaching.

Boston College was meant to be a shinning light on a hill, not a purveyor of darkness.


-Marty Droz

SOM ’76









BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni

Please Help Spread the Word

2022-01-07 16:31:43

If you would not mind, please include (edit) your signature to include your connection to BC (ie current student, parent, alumnus, faculty member, staff, neighbor, concerned American, Catholic, current prospective student, etc....).

And please send the link today to ANYONE you can think might support it. We need to get to 1,000 signatures. If you would, send to 5 people and we can collectively get there.

Thank you for your support!

BC Parents, Students, Faculty, and Alumni

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