CBS needs to remove Jared Feilds From The Big Brother Game For using the word Retard towards one of the other players

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It looks like Cirie used the word first!

2023-09-09 03:35:59

This was just brought to my attention.  Evidently mom taught Jared everything he knows! Because Cirie actually used the word first! It was also not on the broadcasted show but during the feeds. Attached is the screen shot. It was on 8/3/23 at 6:19 PM. If you have the ability to go back and watch past feeds, this is the date and time of this conversation Screenshot_20230908_233103_Gmail.jpg

Rosie Janesom

Thank You and PLEASE continue to share!!

2023-09-08 14:19:59

I first want to thank you for signing the petition and voicing your opinion! Everyone likes to express their anger on social media about the horrible disregard that CBS is showing towards Jared's blatant disrespect, outright use of a derogatory word, and their double standards.  Although social media is a great platform to express our feelings, it doesn't really get the attention of CBS or the FCC. Not to mention you end up being attacked by those who have no issues with what Jared said. But if we can get enough signatures on a petition, it will be sent to CBS and hopefully we can get it to the FCC (which is the federal communication committee who polices what is aired on TV and ensures that no indecent, profane, hate speech, or false information is aired) the FCC is a government entity and can not only fine media outlets such as CBS but can remove shows that break this law. 

However,  with all that said,  we HAVE to have enough signatures to prove this is just not a few disgruntled viewers and that it is a widespread anger that they are allowing such derogatory comments and not making everyone follow the same rules. In order to get these signatures, we must share this petition with anyone and everyone.  People are angry and I am sure willing to sign just as you were but they are just unaware of the petition.  

That is where YOU come in! Please post the link to the petition on all your social media pages and any other public sites that will allow you to (such as a BB page) all you have to do is hit the share icon on the top right corner of the page and either use the "copy link' button or share it directly. 

Again,  thank you so much for not only voicing your opinion but putting your name to it to show we stand behind it!!

If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this email 

Rosie Janesom

Sign the petition to remove Jared Fields from Big Brother on CBS for calling a player a derogatory name

2023-09-07 16:39:30

Sign the petition to have Jared Fields removed from big brother for calling another player a ret*rd

Rosie Janesom

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