CBS needs to remove Jared Feilds From The Big Brother Game For using the word Retard towards one of the other players

Big Brother is a reality show that is on CBS.  If you're not familiar with it, it is basically a game where they choose 16 people to move into the Big Brother house. They compete in games to win power. Each week a person is removed from the house by votes from the other players. You can look up more details online regarding how the game is played if you're interested. But how the game is played is not the reason we're here CBS has previously be accused of not being an all inclusive game and were blamed for not having a lot of people of color in the game. So a couple years ago they had more people of color during that season. This is perfectly fine.  However, during that season an alliance was formed in the house which they called themselves The Cookout. The entire premises and goal of this alliance was first, only players who were black were allowed to be apart of this alliance. Second, their goal was to vote out all of the white people to ensure that a black person won. Now, if the roles were reversed and a group of white people tried to form an alliance and made it blatantly clear that you had to be white to join and that their goal was to make sure a white person would win, not only would the show be canceled but there would have been lawsuits and all kinds of hell raised.  But this blatantly biased group was allowed to form without anything being said. This was a racially formed group. This should have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO FORM AT ALL AND THEN IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO HAVE THEIR GOAL OF KEEPING A WHITE PERSON FROM WINING BE AN ACCEPTABLE GOAL.  But it was and it was celebrated.  Skip forward to this season. A white player was removed by production/CBS early on in the game by using the "N" word. Although this of course unacceptable, but he wasn't calling anyone that word. He was using it as some poc do with each other as a term of friendship. Before you come at me for this, you need to understand that I still don't feel like this was acceptable and he should have been removed, but the reason I explained as to how he used it has to do with a man that is still in the game and the reason for this petition.  Jared Fields in a current player in this season's game as well. Jared is a black man. The other day, Jared was talking to another guy about a player that he was upset with. Jared called this player "A RETARD" Guess what? Jared is still there and is still being allowed to play the game in the chance of winning $700,000! Not to mention, each week he is there, he is being paid $1000 as well as having oppor throughout the game to win other money and prizes. JARED CALLED ANOTHER PLAYER A RETARD...HE WASN'T USING AS A TERM OF ENDEARMENT. HE WAS USING IT AS A DEROGATORY NAME BECAUSE HE WAS MAD. CALLING SOMEONE ANY TYPE OF DEROGATORY NAME BASED ON RACE, RELIGION, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, OR PHYSICAL OR MENTAL DISABILITIES SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED AND HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE GAME IMMEDIATELY JUST LIKE HIS COMPETITOR WAS EARLIER.  BUT HE IS STILL THERE. WHY?  Why is he allowed to get away with this? CBS is aware that thousands of viewers are extremely upset that he wasn't removed for this. Most of those who are speaking out about it have children who have mental disabilities and have fought hard to have this DEROGATORY NAME be an unacceptable term in schools and workplaces.  Yet here is CBS picking and choosing who can say and do whatever they want but others are reprimanded.  CBS evidently doesn't care that them allowing Jared to stay has upset thousands of people and especially those who have a loved one who is affected by this daily. 

Please sign this petition so CBS will know that their behavior towards this is unacceptable and that allowing behaviors from their players that promote racial division and that it needs to stop immediately.  This means removing Jared Fields from the game and taking any money or prizes he has earned/won from the time he made this remark back. As well as that they will not allow nor tolerate any alliances to be formed based on color, religion, or sexual orientation by future players and if they attempt to do so they will be removed from the game. 

This type of behavior is not tolerated in any workplace or any other reality-based shows, so CBS should not be allowed to have it happening and if they do, they should be facing fines and removal of the shows that do.

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