A Censure of America's Federal Government

A Brief List of Injuries and Usurpations inflicted by Our Federal Government Upon the People of the United States


(This is the list accompanying Cedric Keith's Long March of Liberty)


    The federal government of the United States has long strained at its Constitutional limitations, writing law and creating bureaucracy within realms reserved to the states or to individuals. In 2020, this tendency accelerated as we watched  a common coronavirus employed as pretext for lockdowns, delineation of essential and nonessential workers and creation of new bureaucracies on top of old ones. We watched as a generally peaceable people was factionalized and turned against each other by those who stood to gain from racial agitation or from simply demonizing those holding alternative political views. All of this became pretext for more government intervention; intervention to rectify problems our politicians had largely created.

The actions of our own government have become intolerable to many of us, many of us who now feel utterly powerless, disenfranchised and poorer for the actions of our political left and the abominations that have been allowed to persist by our representatives on the right. The patience of everyday Americans seems nearly exhausted as we wait for impotent legislators to rectify longstanding trends in our governance or to take a stand against the current onslaught against our liberties.

Among the most intolerable initiatives of the government of the United States are these:


      1. SCHOOLS - They have perpetuated authoritarianism through our public schools. They have imposed the federal bureaucracy on schooling through the Department of Education and have allowed political reciprocation with teachers' unions, narrowing the choices of parents and forcing children into schools inculcating statism.

  2. MONEY - They have debauched the currency (in the words of J.M. Keynes) even while driving debt ever higher. They have sought to redistribute wealth they did not earn or create. In the cause of their own political empowerment, they have squandered our money for goals of the United Nations and spurious social programs that achieve little but dependence.

  3. INSTIGATION - They have turned a peaceable people against each other for political gain.

  4. POWER - Our political class have transformed America from a nation in which politicians serve the people to one in which the people serve politicians and their functionaries. Having upended our most fundamental balance of power, they condescend to the American people even while forcing them into narrowed choices.  

5. CONSTITUTION - They have treated our Constitution as an option or an inconvenience, extending the reach of government far beyond its original boundaries. They have trampled the Tenth Amendment, centralizing powers spread more broadly by the framers.

  6.THE DEEP STATE - They have erected a vast and permanent administrative state, untouchable by conventional political process, which exists to regulate, to justify its own existence, to expand, to consume wealth and to monitor a formerly free people.

  7. RELIANCE - They have sought to replace self-reliance with government-reliance, utterly reversing the American ethos and scheme of governance. Shamelessly, they conjure menaces such as global warming and corona virus, in attempts to mandate fear, reducing the strong Americans of yesteryear to today's supplicants.

  8. SURVEILLANCE - They are, at this time, stitching together the surveillance capabilities of our private technology sector with the coercive power of the state in pursuit of a Leviathan both insidious and unprecedented. Hereby, dissent is criminalized.

  9. SOVEREIGNTY - They have sacrificed our sovereignty for grand schemes of the United Nations.

  10. ENERGY - They have placed levels of bureaucracy between the people and the energy resources needed to flourish.  

11. COMPLIANCE - They have rendered a free people supplicants and lovers of compliance above higher values, their short lives absorbed in efforts to follow orders. They have created a nation of criminals hoping not to be caught.

  12. LAW - They have undermined the Rule of Law itself through the enactment of capricious and arbitrary "law," political concerns over-riding both law and justice. Meanwhile, our rulers have sought to insulate themselves from the same laws they've so diligently crafted.  

13. MARKETS - They have, for generations, corrupted the free market through selective subsidies, through corporate influence and regulatory over-reach.

  14. GLOBAL WARMING - Against the longstanding will and common sense of the American people, they still seek to establish a single version of global warming theory as unassailable, justifying broad realms of regulatory encumbrance and bringing us governance by statistical model rather than the consent of the governed.  

15. DISEASE - They have lately employed a common form of sickness as pretext to assume authorities nowhere granted to any level of American government at any time.


By my signature, I endorse this list, adding my name to those of the many Americans refusing to tolerate a government long divorced from the will of the people.

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