A request for an online exam for all subjects for all students at FHWS

From all students currently abroad. We would like to say that there are very big problems with the exam system announced now. As you know, the danger of corona virus, which is now a big problem, is very dangerous for students who are not in Germany like us. As just one of the many students who think that FHWS underestimates this situation, I think an online solution must be found for each exam. Now and in the future, we need to know that there will be a lot of students who will be stranded in their country without their will. These students will not be able to attend the exams due to the program offered by FHWS, and will force all the exams to the next semesters. And it will turn this period into a nightmare, which creates a lot of trouble for these students. While online solutions are indisputably available in many countries, including European Union countries, it is very unexpected that a school hosting hundreds of international students such as FHWS does not find an online solution. We students and all people have to protect their health first in this difficult process. FHWS invites international students to Germany is also against protecting our health. We think it is imperative to find the necessary online solution.

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