A return of mobility right, end all mandates, accountability

 We all know the government has destroyed small business, mental health, unknown damage to the economy as well as violated some of the very building blocks of our once great country
   A country we all love and want back.  What we want is an end to the mandates as clearly they have not worked. A return of mobility rights in compliance with the charter section 6 (1). Full disclosure done independantly of govrnment for the last two years spending, WE scandal , SNC scandal and all documentation regarding t Covid 19 vaccines and virus as well as access to how data was colleted.  

 We want accountablity for the crimes that have been commited. We want those who spied on 33 million free canadians, ilegally, charged, and jailed. Any other criminal acts done by government that are also discovered, including shreading documents, deleting mass email will be considered obstrution of justice and charges will be laid on those involved.

These are the starting demands of the signed. As publice servants you are now obligated by law to respond and then comply with the wishes of the majority. 10,000 signed government must act, 100,000 government must hold a referendom, 1/2 the country or more must do as the people want. 

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