Abolition of the Numerus Clausus for this Abitur graduate class

Due to the current situation in schools and the insufficient or insecure preparation for the Abitur final exams, the numerus clausus should be suspended for -in particular- this year, in order to give all graduates the same opportunities to enter bussiness life.

This can create a certain equity of opportunity.

I would find this a very sensible measure, especially to reduce the immense pressure of the current graduating classes.

The alternative would be a so-called test first semester with an entry test / entry project. This gives you a closer look at the course of study of your choice so that you can ultimately decide for or against it.
In this semester it will also be found out whether the person is qualified for the course, as the different courses accordingly require different skills.
Skills, qualifications and intelligence can unpossibly be reduced to a grade or an average.

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