Activate oximeters on all samsung devices that allow it.

During this 2020 Covid Pandemic, information on oxygen saturation should be available to most people, because it can alert early pulmonary problems , so people can seek attention with more information that can help health workers respond more adequately to their condition.

Since we do have hardware that can be easily activated to evaluate this condition, it is imperative that this function is enabled as soon as possible in all Samsung watches that support this feature.

It would be ideal to have several options on an oximeter like:  

1- Timed measurements.

2- Alarms

3- Correlation between saturation and heart rate.

4- others  

We now know that patients with covid 19 as can present a pathological condition called “silent hypoxemia”, where basically a person has very mild respiratory symptoms but in reality the oxygen levels are very low, thus the need of constant monitoring.  (

Even if the oximeter is not graded as a medical device, the information could help save lives, as we have seen in parts of the world where people have died of the so called “happy hypoxia” ( ) , also it’s possible to find emergency permissions to allow the usage of this devices during the pandemic.  

Thank you.

Dr. Roberto Salvatierra Duran.

Md/Medical Researcher.

Universidad Hispanoamericana Costa Rica. 

Dr. Roberto Salvatierra Duran. Universidad Hispanoamericana Costa Rica.     Contact the author of the petition

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