Address the terrible state of 9th Road

 As parents, educators and residents whose children attend Noordwyk Primary School we demand that the Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Dr Ismail Vadi, and the MMC for Transport in the City of Joburg, Ms Nonhlanhla Helen Makhuba, address the terrible state of 8th and 9th Roads in Noordwyk.

We have over 1 000 learners who need to attend school here daily. The road is a gravel one - and a poorly maintained, ungraded one at that. In summer when it rains, cars slide across the road totally out of control.

When this happens we have no alternative but to close the school in the interest of learner and parent safety. It is only a matter of time before an out-of-control car plows into a group of innocent bystanders. A child will be seriously injured or, heaven forbid, lose their life.

In winter the dust from the road is so thick, children and educators suffer all manner of chest and sinus ailments. They get ill and have to remain at home, sincerely hampering their educational readiness.

This matter was addressed with the previous MMC for Transport, Christine Walters, who promised to address the matter with the Provincial MEC. Nothing was done.

What will it take to get some action to address our needs? In response to our calls for help, our Ward Councillor, Madeleine Hicklin, has called for action to address this matter. She needs our support to drive this issue forward.

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For the sake of our children

Thanking you 

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