AGAINST THE PROJECT PAD BRUSSELS AUDERGHEM - reduced mobility at the entry/exit/within Auderghem

Dear All

Destroy the viaduct without the accompagnying measures for this project will wreck the employments, generate the closure of the firms, jeopardize the mobility and the security of the citizens.

Yes for change, but with a realistic perspective and respect for general interests.

The following solutions seem to be relevant if we want a pleasant way of life in the city:
1 - control mobility - which can never be eliminated or reduced - by putting in place measures to promote the smooth movement of various and varied means of transport:
a/on the outskirts of Brussels with a large number of reliable, very frequent and efficient car parks available near public transport: RER/underground/tram/bus with a sufficient number of parking spaces and not the ridiculous number of 1500 spaces at ADEPS;
b/within Auderghem ,sufficient parking spaces, in strategic locations to ensure a prosperous economic and social perspective (for companies, associations, working population, inhabitants);
2- preserve green and friendly spaces in Auderghem thanks to the charm of Brussels houses and limit the overbidding of real estate with soulless buildings, an overbid that only benefits a small number of people;
3 - Secure traffic by clearly separating the various types of transport: bicycle path, public transport lane and lane for other vehicles.

If you agree with the content of these arguments, please sign this petition.
The more united and numerous we are, the more likely we will be heard.
Thank you in advance for your participation.

Mr. Willy Vandenplassche

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