All Taxpayers Rights to have windrow-snow removal to household driveway

Petition Letter to City of Ottawa –

to apply windrow-snow removal to household driveway  

As taxpayers, we are here earnestly requesting our City Hall should apply windrow-snow removal to every household driveway, for the sake of reducing taxpayers' burdens and relieving citizens helpless frustration while dealing with shoveling snow during winter.  


Who is impacted and at stake? Everyone in Ottawa is impacted and at stake.  

The old-way of city snow plow operations pushes huge, icy-hard snow piles onto households’ driveways and block our driveways every-time when city snow ploughs pass our streets.  

Last year a neighbour of mine got heart-attack due to trying to shovel away the hardy mountain-like snow piles blocked by the city snow plough right after he shovelled his driveway.  

This helpless frustration feelings badly impact every citizen’s daily life, also put much heavier burdens to our citizens if we have to pay for private companies for snow removal, which costs from $550 to $650 a season.  


It is  now the time to act!

As taxpayers, we have the rights to have the same services that other Ontario cities are having. Please refer to the two links enclosed below:



Having such tremendous eagerness to have this windrow snow removal service provided by Ottawa municipal government, we hereby strongly plea to all of you, to our Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, to all of our 24 sity councillors, to vote for applying the windrow-snow removal operation in the city of Ottawa.  

It is assured that the city of Ottawa will see the enormous importance and positive influence that will benefit to everyone’s quality of life during our long winter seasons to come.  

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