Allow dogs off leash in Central Park north woods and ravine area

Central Park is the people's park. And although the park is generous in its off leash policy we are calling for additional off leash space in the ravine and north woods.

Dogs should be allowed off leash (during off leash hours) in these areas because:

• The ravine's paved pathways are lined with fencing that prevents dogs and people from wandering in the wooded and water areas

• People who walk their dogs in the ravine and north woods are 'passing through'. They aren't picnicing or loitering which can potentially harm the plantings and again, the area is fenced in

• The ravine and north woods are the safest areas for dogs to walk as they are isolated from the park drives where there are park vehicles and bicycles

• Most dog owners who walk their dogs off leash have full control over their pets and therefore can prevent them from walking off of pathways

• Large portions of the north woods are fenced off to prevent people and pets from entering thereby reducing foot traffic

• Allowing dogs off leash in the north woods could potentially deter criminal activity as more people would walk through that area. 

Lastly, people, not dogs, are the problem with the destruction and degradation of the park in these areas. This includes garbage disposed on ground, used condoms, empty drug bags, santeria practices, and human feces. Dog owners are by and large responsible individuals and understand the privlege of having off leash areas in Central Park.

We love this park almost as much as our pets do.