Amendment of disability act 2005

 I am personally invested in this cause, as I have witnessed first-hand the struggles that individuals with additional needs face due to delayed support from our government. The current Disability Act of 2005 does not obligate the government to provide necessary supports within a specific timeframe after a needs assessment. This often results in prolonged suffering and hardship for those who are most vulnerable. According to data from the National Disability Authority, there are over 643,131 people living with a disability in Ireland (Census 2016). Many of these individuals require immediate assistance following their needs assessment but are often left waiting indefinitely due to bureaucratic delays.bThe amendment we propose is simple yet crucial - mandate that all necessary supports be outsourced by the government no later than three months after a needs assessment has been completed. This change will ensure timely aid and significantly improve the quality of life for those living with disabilities. By signing this petition, you're advocating for an essential amendment to the Disability Act of 2005 - one that guarantees prompt support for our fellow citizens living with additional needs. Please sign and share this petition; together we can make a difference!

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