An Open Letter to Members of the GOP

To the members of the GOP;

We, the people of the United States of America and members of the Republican Party are putting you on notice.

We have had enough.

We have watched this president and a very few members of the House and Senate (including members of the Democratic party) make a stand against the corrupt DNC and their socialist agenda as they tore this country apart.

We have, as citizens, fought for our President. We have campaigned, we have used our time and energy to expose corruption, we have sacrificed and many of us have bled and some died. We have done this all while dealing with the loss of businesses and livelihoods, the loss of loved ones.

All this, while you have done nothing but sit on your hands and continue to suck at the teet of the country that elected you to represent your people. The days of you lining your pockets at our expense are over.

This notice is to give you the opportunity to stand up. Do what you were hired to do. Be on the right side of history because We are no longer accepting mediocrity in our government officials.

Your free ride is over. You will not be re- elected. You will no longer live a lavish lifestyle while we suffer at the hands of anarchists and insurgents who would burn this country to the ground.

Your time of sitting on the fence is over. Stand up and be counted as Patriots or stand up and walk out.

We are done.

We expect you to make a public stand with this President and make a difference now. It will be too late for you once the fight is over.  Your inaction will not be forgotten.  You will not be forgiven.
We will no longer be represented by cowards.

Shame on you. 

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