Android Auto and Apple Carply for Mazda MZD Connect System

Mazda has added the MZD Connect Infotainment system on all his car product lines. Even if it supports navigation, bluetooth phonecalls and music playback, a lot of people would love to have more interaction with their smartphone and the world wide web.

There are a lot of rumours, that Mazda would implement Android Auto and Carplay one day. In March 2017 a Mazda spokesman should have said that both will come and "it should be retroactively upgradeable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potentially minimal hardware addition needed".

No timeline or ETA has been offered yet and no further official statements about this have been made.

Link to the article:

A lot of forums have topics about this and there are a lot of posts within them, showing it really is an important issue for a lot of Mazda owners. The discussions are pretty emotional at some times!

Some smart persons have even port Android Auto to the MZD system themselves. As a reaction, Mazda brought a new firmware version, V59.00.502, which has made it almost impossible to make such changes to the system.

By signing this petition, we would made Mazda aware of these points:

  • As your customer, we would really like to get Android Auto and Apple Carplay on our Mazda MZD System
  • We would like to have an official anouncement from Mazda telling us, if both will come to the MZD system
  • We would like to have an official anouncement if that will also be available for the cars which are already delivered
  • We would like to know, that if we will get Android Auto and Apple Carplay, about how long it will take before we can finally expect it


Please, dear Sirs and dear Madams of Mazda Motor Corporation, give us some kind of official anouncement whether if you are planning to bring Android Auto and Apple Carplay to our beloved Mazda cars and if yes, tell us about how long it will take before we get it!