Anti-globalist Declaration


•       We, the people of Europe, belonging to European nations, oppose the intentional excessive migration to Europe with a view to eliminating European nations.

•       We are opposed to the goal of the globalists to establish a non-national unitary superpower - the United States of Europe - where nation states will be no more sovereign, but administrative units only.

•       We are opposed to the globalist goal of a Europe without nations, by which autochthonous Europeans ared destined to cultural and ethnic elimination, similar to genocide.

•       We want to live and survive in a free and democratic Europe of sovereign nations. •       We do not accept the hidden political supremacy of the international corporatocracy, which is the source and bearer of a globalist ideology.

•       We do not recognize the anti-European interests of the globalist international lobby.

•       We oppose the labeling  of European patriots with xenophobes, racists and fascists. •       We oppose abusive use of terms such as political correctness and hate speech, because they are inventions that abolish the freedom of public expression and serve to subjugate and repress others, who think differently.

•       We oppose the machiavellian methods of the globalists, who achieve their goals by bribing politicians, the media, non-government activists and others.

•       We oppose the globalist wars in the Middle East and beyond, which also aim to create refugees and migrants.

•       We oppose the all-pervasive globalist propaganda and media indoctrination in favor of excessive migration.

•       We demand respect for democratic principles and for open public dialogue on migration without taboos.

•       We oppose globalist social-engineering experiments with entire nations and their countries past their will, in the same way as the nazis and communists did, that is, with propaganda, violence and wars.

•       We demand the resignation of all European politicians who are at the service of the globalist international lobby, instead of serving the European nations.

•       We urge NGOs, the media, journalists, intellectuals and others to give up their service to the international globalist lobby.

•       We oppose militant globalism, which has the same ideological fathers as nazi-fascism.

•       We oppose a new historic attempt to establish absolute domination over the people - a new globalist fascism.    Contact the author of the petition

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