Antibullying awareness

I am making this petition as a mother of 4 children I have had a older child tell my 12 yr old to go kill himself and as he got off his bus also called a faggot so I called the school told the school my son came home and said nothing was done not even a week later my 5 yr old comes home off the bus and said same kid told her to go kill herself so I am not impressed at this point call the school waited and then went up there spoke to 2 principles and they assured me it will be dealt with but nothing was ever done with my 15 year old and she is in grade 10 and still suffered in grade 9 plz everyone help me stop this bullying it is suppose to be 0 tolerance and it hasn't been thank u everyone who has signed so far and yes police was involved numerous times with my 15 yr old not sure if charges were ever laid or dropped she was badly bullied and cyber bullied too I just want my story out these are my babies I don't understand why these kids are so mean and cruel to them I just want it to come to a end or stopped