Reomve the ban agains apple snails!

Pomacea-snails are tropical snails, and the family consists of six species. One species has invaded rice fields in Spain, and since a time back the whole Pomacea-snail is punishable by spreading ban. We think that is wrong, especially given because that the Pomacea-species (Pomeca diffusa) we keep in aquariums can't eat living plants because of its radula (scraping tongue/tooth) is too week.

A species who eat plants is something we absolutely don't want to have in our aquariums, even if it was legal!

Pomacea diffusa have been kept in aquariums for a long time. It was a given inhabitant in many aquariums, thanks to it's many different, beautiful colors, that it eats algae but don't plants and that the reproduction can easily be controlled.

Now, it's however punishable by spreading ban, so all years of breeding and hard work to get the special color variants is on it's way to get loss.

The 28th February 2015 (latest) will the decision about the Pomacea-snails be re-tried.

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Let's go hard and make sure we get our snails back next year!