Ariana Grande Store : improve your services !


Fake signed cds, damaged items because of cheap packages, incomplete orders, lack of national tracking outside of the USA, orders extremely delayed or cancelled, automated or copy-paste email answers : these are all the scenarios many of us experienced with the UMG (Universal Music Group). What you're doing is not professional. We spend our hard earned money in your store. We think we deserve to be treated with respect and that you need to fulfill your obligations. Once is bad luck, twice is sad coincidence, three times is lack of seriousness and extremely disrespectful. (This petition has nothing to do with Ariana Grande herself !!!!) 

What we want :


- fake autographs : don't sell "signed" items and then send cds signed by a signing machine. we are smart enough to compare them and see that they are identical. What you did is called a scam.

- better quality : the quality of clothes is mediocre. Try to wash them 3 times and it's already full of lints. Isn't $75 a bit too much for something you can wear 4 times ? Some items doesn't even look like the pictures (Break up with your girlfriend pillow, Christmas and chill hat)

- better packages : don't ship CDs in an enveloppe or don't put a cassette over a vinyl in a same package, they will arrive damaged.

- an international tracking, because it's impossible for non-US citizens  to start a search with our national posts.

- better customer service : the ariana grande store is one of the most expensive music store you can find, we deserve more than some of the copy-past answers you send.

- better stock management : you are selling many limited editions items. you can't simply refund and offer a discount because you didn't do your job correctly. 

- faster shipping method : your shipping method is more expensive than the national US post service (USPS), but a lot slower. It includes the fact that sometimes shipments sleep 40 days in your warehouse after a "your order is in the way" notification.

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