Asking for Superintendent to Resign

To Marlin ISD School Board of Education:

We, the undersigned parents of children who are attending or have attended the Marlin ISD Public Schools, students and community members who share similar concerns are asking for the Superintendent Dr. Darryl Henson to resign.

The undersigned petitioners believe that the Superintendent has acted inefficiently, incompetently, and is a detriment to the Marlin ISD Public School system and we request that he resign or be let go effective immediately after Marlin High School announced it was rescheduling its graduation ceremony for June after an audit revealed 21 of its 38 seniors were not eligible to walk the stage to receive a diploma.

We have had staff elect early retirement. This is completely unacceptable, our district is losing qualified and experienced staff. After the difficulties we have experienced during COVID, and so many leadership positions leaving and the current lack of leadership, our district has suffered greatly.    

Dr. Darryl Henson has completely failed in his legal duties to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff which has hindered student achievement and teachers ability to teach. It is for these reasons that this community is asking for the board to dismiss Dr. Henson or that he resigns of his own accord. 

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