Atelier 35 is being evacuated to make room for Pavilion


We appeal to the Romanian Union of Artists not to concede the space in which Atelier 35 is currently running their program to the Pavilion Organization. 


The profile of the space can be traced back to a concept dating back to 1969, dedicated to experimental art and young artists. The figure 35 suggests what at the time would have been considered the conventional limit of youth. In the last years, Atelier 35 has represented one of the last halls of resistance for self-organized Romanian contemporary art. You can find out more about Atelier 35 visiting


November 2014, the board of the Romanian Artists’ Union decided on the displacement of Atelier 35 to the basement of Orizont Gallery in Bucharest, invoking the argument of historic historical continuity. Atelier 35 had actually functioned in this space from 1973 to 1993.


We think that the argument is not valid and is actually a pretext for the reduction of contemporary artistic practices.


The Atelier 35 collective was not consulted nor informed in due time about this  decision. Moreover, this way of operating ignores the specificity of an art space - where programing or discussions with artists may begin even one year in advance.   


Atelier 35’s future programing includes site-specific projects which address the gentrification process in the old city center, by now compromised.

We consider that the substitution of Atelier 35 with Pavilion represents a minimization of artistic practices which assume risks and dare ask questions, in favor of showcase culture.