australianetwork sports coverage

We, the undersigned, wish to make it known that we totally disagree with the new direction issued to australianetwork to severly curtail or actually cease coverage of Australian sporting events
effective 1st August.
We totally reject the argument that ex-pats and Australian travellers are not part of the network's target audience, it is a, if not the, major source of information concerning Australia in the region in which it operates, and surely an important means to keep ex-pats informed in the case of emergencies such as the recent natural disasters. Furthermore, a sizeable
percentage of advertising is directed at the ex-pat community which suggests
australianetwork and advertisers see ex-pats as part of its viewing audience.
It is Australia's
international channel and should be showing Australia in the best light.  Australia's home grown sports are an integral part of this. We ask for nothing more than a continuation of balanced programming that has been a feature of the network since it's inception, that is, a mixture of news and current affairs, drama, arts, documentaries, sports, english learning programs and other relevant