AVEK’s operations must be secured and developed further.


AVEK’s operations must be secured and developed further.

AVEK promotes audiovisual culture in Finland with copyright remunerations. AVEK’s globally unique operating model has been an important factor behind the variety and international success of Finnish audiovisual art, media art and documentaries. AVEK provides support for the development of various types of films and genres, cultural exports, the advanced and supplementary education of creators in the audiovisual field and for arranging festivals and other events. In addition, AVEK supports the production of short films, documentaries, animations and media art.

AVEK is in a key position in terms of securing a broader financial basis for Finnish productions. For example, the Finnish Film Foundation supports projects that include other financiers such as AVEK. As an expert organization, AVEK has held an important role in financing successful documentaries, short films and media art that at first may have not appeared to be commercially viable.

AVEK is the most cost-effective supporter of audiovisual culture in Finland. AVEK’s operations are flexible and artist-driven, and even its smaller grants often enable the growth of major art projects and help them access international markets.
In short, AVEK’s support of creators in the audiovisual field is exemplary.

The continuation and further development of AVEK’s expert operations are vital for the development of Finnish audiovisual culture and its international success. Stable funding based on the reimbursement of private copying guarantees the further development of AVEK’s operations.

The predictability and continuation of AVEK’s reimbursements to creators are very important to the industry.

Continuity and predictability should be taken into account in the restructuring of the reimbursement system related to private copying and in next year’s government budget.


This petition is availeble for signing until 31.7.2021 and will be delivered to the Ministry of Education and Culture on 2.8.2021.

Hanna Maria Anttila, AV-arkki, Suomalaisen mediataiteen keskus    Contact the author of the petition