Bafana Bafana Here to Stay! Say NO to the name change!!

Bafana Bafana is here to stay! say NO to the name change!
Bafana Bafana is the name of our beloved national football team! it means the Boys in a emotive, cool and inciting way! Bafana Bafana belongs to us the people of South Africa ! when we won the AFrican Cup of Nation, we won it with Bafana Bafana! when we hosted the FIFA 2010 World Cup we hosted it as Bafana Bafana! lets not whipe out all our memories, lets not forget the struggle the challenges we overcome to get where we are today! SAY NO TO CHANGING THE NAME OF BAFANA BAFANA!!! Bafana Bafana belongs to us, why must we pay for SAFA's short comings! Say no to the name change! BAFANA BAFANA IS HERE TO STAY!!!