Ban Fireworks in Witbank and surrounding areas in Mpumalanga 


Community outraged against the use of fireworks that sounded like bombs going off on New Years Eve in the Witbank area.

Mothers that struggle to bring clam to children, babies being afraid and panicking of the loud noises made by this extreme fireworks.

So many dogs got loss and others injuried them self  trying to get away from the explosives!Not even to mention cats.

We even saw the posts shared on Facebook of the dogs who impaled themselves on palisades.They bled to death.

Sign this petition against the use of fireworks and the selling of fireworks in the Witbank area.

We will hand this petition over to the Municipality and Councillors of eMalahleni so that the by laws be changed in our town and our surroundings.

Please Stand up for our elderly, children(babies) and animals  by making a difference for our community in 2017!!!

Thank you

Kind Regards 

Witbank CPF ERT