Barthalows Road Noise Nuisance

The residents of Southeast Frederick County have endured a year of excessive noise pollution from the large trucks moving in and out of the soccer fields construction site on Bartholows Road.  The truck drivers' use of engine (Jake) brakes, often with modified exhaust to make the trucks louder, is out of control.  Often this misuse of the engine brakes occurs before 7:00am, and sometimes at 6:00am.  

While we understand the safety aspect of using engine brakes to slow the trucks before entering the site, the use of these brakes is definitely excessive and could even be labeled as beligerent.  If engine brakes are so necessary to slow the trucks before entering the site, then perhaps part of the problem is that the trucks are moving too fast.  Indeed, the county has recognized that issue previously, but has not taken sufficient action to curb the speeds.  

There are multiple residental neighborhoods directly adjacent to the construction site.    We the residents of these areas call on county leadership to take action to relieve us of these excessive noise and speed issues to save our quality of life.

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