Basic Income / Citizen's Pay / Negative Income Tax

  • I'm running this petition NOT of concern of myself, but my fellow EU citizens, the world, and it's future generations.

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  • Basic Income / Citizen's pay is needed today, and probably more so in the future: The "social contract" is broken, and constant "rationalization" and constant "streamlining" in the labor market and in welfare, make more and more jobs likely to disappear, and more people will become economically vulnerable.

  • In addition, there is LEGITIMATE research that BOTH "developed" and "underdeveloped" countries already today gain on basic income, thus simply net profiting.

  • Entire societies benefit from it, and people will not be "lazy" / "choose the sofa".

  • Rather, most help other people in need, by essentially volunteer work, in society and with relatives with unfulfilled needs.

  • OR, if personal capacity allows: remain in the workforce.

  • Drug abuse, including the "mildest" substance
  • (Alcohol)...? Homelessness...?
  • Think enough about such social and individual problems enough, and You'll easily figure out the root cause: socioeconomic and social stress. the latter often CAUSED by socioeconomic stress.


ALL this has support in ALL serious research.

See below for all others and my currently collected information on Basic Income:


Basic Income Europe :

 Basic Income Globally :


United Nations (UN) endorsement :


Seminar discussions :


Demonstrations and so forth of  current robotics :



  • NEITHER "developed" nor "underdeveloped" countries can or should remain in the illusion of "eternal growth" in ALL markets, nor in market economy as the solution for EVERYONE'S lives and sustainance.
  • Sign up if you agree and want politicians to introduce this, at least on trial and with evaluation!


    I was at first concerned about petition regulations in both Sweden and EU, but have now looked it up... so this petition WILL be re-modeled for the EU parliament and handed over there as well ! :-)

    At least France and Italy is already officially on the go !

    I PROMISE You all I will bring this to the EU Parliament !

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