Beanies SHOULD be Allowed in School

Dear, Administrators O'fallon Township High school


       For schools all over America, every school always had a rule stating, "NO BEANIES, HATS, OR HOODS" which could be understood to a point. I can understand a rule between hats and hoods because with hats you can lower the lip to cover your face and with hoodies you can also hide your whole face or possibly hide somthing in the hood, but when it comes to beanies it only covers your hair and maybe your ears which does not hide you identity at all. Beanies do not provide reason to be restricted in school becasue they pose no threat. I am writing this for the only reason that beanies should be allowed in school and students should not be punished for wearing them, also when it comes to kids with insecurities or maybe have problems with their hair. Beanies could help with that becasue they do not hide facial features and only hide hair, which will not cover someones identity. This schools needs to focus on better problems rather then looking out for kids with beanies on. 


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