Belding / Greenville annual football matchup.

Neighboring towns Belding and Greenville schools have matched up for the last 99 years. As we reach our 100 yr anniversary Belding superintended feels it is no longer acceptable.  As most everyone knows the mascot for Belding is also changing.  Lets celebrate 1 century before everyrhing changes.  The annual game has been tradition for 99 years longer than any of us have been alive. As with anything there is good and bad with everything. It feels as though the reasoning for canceling was by digging out any negative. Let's focus on the love of the game, the friendship of being neighbors, the tradiotn. Please sign and show the superintendant our communities want to celebrate our 100th game, of trasition, comrodary . Lets celebate as the redskins mascot as is retired.

Jennifer Bristol-Simon    Contact the author of the petition