Bellevue Speed Humps Request

We the residents of Bellevue request that speed humps be installed in the following roads:

- Beacon Road

- Bonanza Road

- Crestview Road

- Ivy Road 

- Southview Road

These roads are used for parked cars, bicyclists and runners. There have been numerous complaints regarding speeding in the neighborhood, including a high speed accident where a vehicle travelling down Southview Road, failed to stop at the T-junction of Southview and Bonanza Roads and went through a concrete fence and into the resident's house. We feel that there are significant safety concerns for our neighborhood and especially children.  

We feel that a speed humps in each of these roads will slow approaching traffic to a safe speed for everyone in the neighbourhood. 

Below is an image of the high speed accident scene.














Below is a image of the proposed speed humps in Bellevue (Shown by orange arrows)














Please help to make Bellevue a safer place!