Better promotion for #Zumruduanka and we want back #AlpNavruz as main character and #ZumSer as the main couple..

Hi! I am not so good with English but I will try my best...

I did this petition because maybe they will here us if on social media they aren't paying attention.

Dear Cemal San, Can Sinan, Fox Turkye, Pastel Film &Co., please fix the problem with the promotion. Such a good dizi with such a good cast deserve a better promotion. And we, the fans and the viewers need a better promotion. What are you doing now is 0. And this won't work like that. A dizi need promotion, a fragman in TIME wich means if not after the bolum but at least on Thursday like it used to be and a second fragman on Tuesday. You have to share  photos all the week to make the audience interested on what you are giving. You have to share some kamera arkasi. And, the most important you have to share more about the main characters, because generally the people are interested by them. The second characters are that, second characters. They have a story, a begginning and an end but that's it. And again, promotion, promotion, promotion. People won't wait till the end of time. People will be bored, angry. There are many, many series with a lot of promotion and they are being cancelled after just a few episodes. And they are not even good series. We have a good one, with potential and future and you are throwing it to the bin. Don't do it. Respect us and respect your actors. And of course, respect yourself. And put back ALP NAVRUZ as the main character because we see him 20 minutes in 2 and half hours of dizi. HE IS WHY WE ARE WATCHING THE SHOW SO WE WANT BACK HIM!!!

And about the story: a dizi need second characters, need villains, need goods and bads BUT when you started #Zumruduanka you said: the maine characters Alp Navruz and Ceren Yilmaz. Then respect that: the story is about  Serhat Demirkan and Zumrut Kuloglu/Demirkan. Then give us #ZumSer scenes because we are not interested about Suhandan's drama. Or at least not as much as you are trying to make us like them. We need the love story of #ZumSer. Or just say there is no love story and we will try to accept it. But since you said from episode 1 that this is a love that will rise from ashes, we are waiting for them to rise...but there is no sign about that. 

I want back the time between episode 1 and 5. There were #ZumSer, there was PROMOTION.

So please, PROMOTION and back the MAIN CHARACTERS because with this attitude you will lose viewers. And we don't want that. Not you and not us neither.


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