Big Skate/BMX etc. indoor arena to Pori Finland!

Hello everyone!

The old public indoor swimming pool arena in The centre of Pori is going to be left out of use in June 2011 because The city is building a new one 3 times bigger than The old one. It would be called as Extreme Sport -arena and it would include sports as skateboarding, BMX, In-line skating, scooting and other this sort of sport. This is important, because when the short summer in Finland is over it is going to be a loooong winter without a good indoor place.

There would be an indoor arena for both poolramps and street. A dirt track would be located outdoors with roof. The place already contains shower and sauna for both men and women so it would altogether be very nice. And this is not all for just Pori or Finland, but for all of The world, meaning competitions you could arrange here.

With all respect and honor I hope this will get all of you who understands The importance of these sports. Thank you very much!


Best Regards: Joni Horste from Pori, Finland

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