BIOL343: Applied Marine Biology

>The questions in the exam for section B, were not asked in the context discussed in class.

e.g. 1) MSY as a tool was discussed but not the advantages and disadvantages she wanted. 2)She wanted examples of estuaries, it was never even talked about. 3) Estuary Health was never discussed in a context she asked it in. 4) The last question was never discussed in a text appropriate for 30 marks.

>Assesment rubric should be used so that we can see where we lost our marks.

>We request that when Prof. Scharler asks questions, she must be clear about what she's asking for and not be ambiguous but rather in more simpler english to accomodate everyone.

>In class, when people asked questions she did't want to respond to them and also when consulting, she doesn't repond, she dismisses the question. 

>We propose that everyone who did not pass, be granted the oportunity to write the special exam, regardless of meeting the requirements.

>There is not enough time to fully attend to 5 essays and a calculation.

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