GATVOL BOLT Drivers Griviences


To Whom it may concern(BOLT  Management)

This pettition serves to air our griviences to the responsible authorities.


We as BOLT drivers disagree on how BOLT treats us. We have to work under bad conditions and circumstances, our demands as drivers are as follows:

Out with fixed prices

Away with discounts

BOLT must assist with impounds

SOS Button not working

We need BOLT black just like UBER BLACK

Minibus drivers take cars off BOLT drivers and demand payment to get your car back.

BOLT must show red marks on APP for no go zones.

Stop adding more cars on the platform

BOLT new APP is worrse than the old one, please revert to old APP.

BOLT APP must clearly show card or cash payment .

Improve BOLT APP

Reduce commission from 27% to 15%

Bolt should add client’s details so that driver can see they are picking up. This must include the client’s photo.

Stop free trips

Out with booking fees

BOLT must review safety of drivers before client gets access to the APP BOLT must ask for the client’s ID number because clients are buying pre rica sim cards from spaza shops.

Drivers must be companseted for trips with less kilometers than what we drove to pick up the client. BOLT must not charge the driver but rather compensate the driver because in some instances we drive more than 5km to pick up a customer who is making a trip less than 5km we have travelled to fetch them.

Stop Free rides for clients because we as drivers we use our petrol and we do not get compansated.

Clients can send messages to driver using APP but drivers cannot send messages to the client.

We cannot see client’s profile.

Stop Blocking drivers for nonsence.

BOLT must respond to our complaints and problems as a matter of urgency.

THIS pettition gives 48hours for BOLT to respond to us

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