Boycott Amazon for supporting BLM and ANTIFA

Dear Amazon!

I was your loyal client since you were born. I believed your motto “A customer comes first.” I loved the revolutionary and delivery strategy.  I even ignored the voices claiming slavery conditions at Amazon warehouses! I preferred to be ignorant because I loved the convenience mode!

When you proclaimed your new motto “Black Lives Matter”, I immediately thought how racist it is.


If brutality is systemic, it is NOT systemic just for blacks. Facts matter! What BLM does and has done in the past IS RACIST and CRIMINAL. The proof is available for you to see.

Also, BLM and ANTIFA(recognized as the terrorist organization) demand to defund the Police, which will leave ordinary Americans unprotected from criminals and will cause many lives to be lost in all communities. 

Is that what you support?

I have made a decision to BOYCOTT Amazon for the RACISM you portray and ignore.

My mission now is to support those small, private businesses that were looted by many of the very people who claim themselves “Black Lives Matter”. I see you didn't help those small businesses that were looted. Of course, they are your competition! 

Amazon, favoritism, and huge donations won’t make you popular or socially cognizant! You have deeply offended many by your ignorant position!

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