On February 4th 2022, Brad DamphousseAndrew Ballester, creators of Gofund me decided to cancel the account set up for the truckers convoy in Ottawa. They have collectively decided that the protests aren't peaceful (despite having had no problem with blm keeping the $100 million they raised through Gofund me). Not only have they chosen to cancel the account which is currently around $10 million, they have also issued a statement telling anyone who donated that they have until February 14th to withdraw their donations or Gofund me will donate this money to a charity they should so choose. 

Gofund me is a crowd sharing program with absolutely no evidence or credible source to back up their false statements about the convoy and the peaceful protests in Ottawa and around Canada. 

with the growing number of alternatives available it's time to shut Gofund me down once and for all!! They shouldn't profit from one more donation!! Anyone who has donated please withdraw that donation now as other options for donating are being set up now and let's show Gofund me what it's like when you mess with Canadians who just want peace and freedom!!

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