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Did you know that Apple knew that one of its suppliers exploited child labor for years before doing anything about it?
Did you know that Apple, the manufacturer of the Apple iPhones which price exceeds $1,000, is exploiting of cheap labor in a number of countries around the world?
Did you know that Apple that Apple is getting richer off of the enslavement of children as young as seven in the Congo? And did you know that these children are used to mine for cobalt according to an investigation by Amnesty International? Did you know that cobalt is dangerous to human life, and that inhaling cobalt causes death?
Did you know that Apple deceives its customers, and imposes iOS updates that forces the customer to buy a new and more expensive phone, because the company prevents updates on older devices?
Did you know that Apple violates the privacy of iPhone users by illegally tracking them to target them with ads, and that the European privacy activism group Noyb has filed two complaints against Apple with regulators in Spain and Germany?
Did you know that there’s a lawsuit filed against Apple Inc. for violating the privacy of iPhone users for selling iTunes user information to advertising companies?
Did you know that Apple has a history of spying on iPhone users through "Siri", and made an official apology only after it was exposed?
Did you know that Apple is deliberately selling its customers slow chargers in the boxes to get them to spend extra on the faster charger sold separately?
Did you know that iPhones were deliberately made with low base storage, so that users go for a more expensive version?
Did you know that Apple is battling the right of independent repair shops to repair malfunctioning Apple devices, and intentionally making non-repairable devices or almost impossible to repair to make users buy a new iPhone?
Did you know that US District of Columbia officials announced that Apple will pay $113 million to settle charges brought by the district and 33 US states for slowing down iPhones to cover up battery problems and prompt users to buy new devices?
Did you know that Apple Inc. has agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle litigation accusing it of quietly slowing down older iPhones as it launched new models, to induce owners to buy replacement phones or batteries?
There are many other humanitarian, ethical, legal, and even environmental reasons why we call on everyone to boycott Apple's pride, the Apple iPhone.
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