Boycott Tesco over Muslim Advert

Tesco have deliberately included a Muslim family in an advertisement about Christmas 2017. 'However you do Christmas, we've got a turkey for you,' goes the ad.  But we the undersigned note:

(a) Christmas is a Christian festival,
(b) God became flesh in Jesus Christ and dwelt among us,
(c) Muslims deny the truth of the Incarnation,
(d) Tesco do not even (thank God) sell halal turkeys, so they have not 'got a turkey' for the Muslims anyway!

The ad is supposed to be 'inclusive' and 'promoting diversity'. Along the same lines, in 2012, Tesco sponsored London Gay Pride.  That too backfired on them.

So we the undersigned reject Tesco's social engineering and their crude virtue signalling.

Moreover, we call for a boycott of Tesco and we undertake not to buy there until Tesco bosses repent and apologise.

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