Bradley's Law in NH

JUSTICE FOR BRADLEY: In 2012, 1 ½ year old Bradley from Charlestown, NH was a victim of child abuse. In his home, under his biological Mother,  Laura Lynn Ritchie's 

care. Fredrick R. Barth, Jr.  was babysitting Bradley at the time of his attack!  Fredrick  threw Bradley down the stairs, smashed him against a door frame and punched him over and over in the privates.   Resulting in a fractured skull, subdural hematoma, shaken baby syndrome,  broken ribs, and bruises all over his body. After the authorities were notified, Bradley was rushed to the hospital where he spent almost 6 months!  He was  in a coma for 7 days and countless surgeries caused at the hands of his abuser. Currently, Bradley has recovered from his abuse but with medical complications. As a result of his injuries, Bradley will not be able to play contact sports.  He is often times questioned or teased by other children for deformities on his skull, and suffers emotional trauma from his abuse.  This case has taken several years to undergo proper investigation and is currently awaiting trial with help from the District Attorney’s office. Unfortunately however, the parents of Bradley have suffered in gaining justice for their son’s case. Under the New Hampshire Rev. Stat. § 625:9 (2013); Classification of Crimes, Bradley’s abuser is being charged with First degree Assault, which could result in a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. However, due to various plea bargaining deals, Bradley’s abuser may only receive four years in prison.   This petition is not only a chance to raise awareness of families undergoing similar tragedies of child abuse, but to also implement new regulations against child abusers in the state of New Hampshire. Bradley’s Law would initiate a minimum sentence of 15 years without the chance of early release for child abuse perpetrators. The family and friends of Bradley have been working to get the recognition needed by Governor Maggie Hassan and New Hampshire State Senator's Lou D'Allesandro and David Pierce to rev

ew minimum penalties for child abusers in the State of New Hampshire.   For more information or updates, please visit Bradley’s Facebook page “Prayers for Bradley” to help instate Bradley’s Law. Or you may contact the Petition Author Jessicca Rodriguez at

Thank you for all of your support and understanding.  

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