BREAKING! Help to avoid deportation of Chechen political refugee to Russia

I. M. (beteckning 50184254), who has fled from Russia to Sweden on the 10th of November in 2014, eventually received a negative decision from Migration authorities. I. M. has 9 minor children. He is chased by Kadyrov (Russian) authorities in Russia. The truthfullness of his story has been confirmed by such famous human rights defending organisation, which are trusted on the international level, as:
1) Norwegian Helsinki Committee
2) Russian human rights center Memorial, in particular Svetlana Gannushkina
3) Civil Rights Defenders (former Swedish Helsinki Committee)

Furthermore, on behalf of I. M. also interceded Norvegian journalist Øystein Windstad, who had travelled to Chechnya together with journalists from Sweden, where they had been beaten by Kadyrov' people on the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia.

We appeal to Migration Agency and to Migration court not to make this mistake, which can destroy the life of the man and deprive 9 children from their father. Once Sweden has already not believed in the story of Khana Afanasev and has deported him back, where in the course of just a couple of months he has been interrogated up to his death. He has left behind 2 minor children. And no one has yet been held responsible for this crime.

I. M. is a hard-working man, who has already a place of employment in case he receives the residence permit in Sweden.

Sweden is famous in the whole world as a country, where human rights are being upheld to a high degree. We ask you not to violate human rights, which are guaranteed by law, of the Chechen refugee I. M. and to provide him a refuge. He faces great danger in his country. No one of the employees from the Migration Agency, who made the decision about I. M., would have made such a decision for him- or herself. No one from them would want to get into the impact of Russian "democracy", and moreover no one would have asked for a refuge from Kadyrov people inside Russia.

We are against the deportation of I. M. and in favour of providing the refuge for him and his family in the Sweden.

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