Breathe Life into Changes you want to see for our Children and Community

Breathe life into changes you want to see for our children and Community 


Would you like to see changes implemented in our Christopher Ave P.S 401’s School

Zone for all of our safety? Changes such as but not limited to:

  •  Requesting signage at the school crossing at Glenmore Ave and Sackman St for children and pedestrians because it is met at an entrance for a parking lot. Signage to alert the drivers that are exiting to proceed with caution due to
    children crossing at that point. (The sign that is present is not visible to those drivers.) No stop sign is present either. 


  • The “SLOW CHILDREN IN AREA,” sign is barely visible to pedestrians or drivers with the word “CHILDREN,” being completely covered for the onlookers that attempt to read the sign.


  •  Is it possible to request a speed bump or “Reduce Speed,” sign to raise awareness of the school zone approaching ahead? The traffic flow is in one direction? 
  • Does the intersection become a three way traffic area due to the flow at Glenmore Ave and Sackman St? If so is it possible to add a traffic light to direct
    the 3 different points of crossing with a traffic camera to monitor activity of the school crossing zone?


  • Can we request a stop sign at Glenmore and Powell?
  • Can we request a “SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY,” sign around Liberty and Christopher Ave indicating the drivers to reduce speed for both the school and
    playground areas?


  • Is it possible to provide assistance for stroller's, wheelchair's, Walker's etc while crossing at intersections and crosswalks, such as barriers. It becomes extremely difficult to see oncoming traffic and cars unless you are completely off the curb and into traffic which is a huge safety issue. Stroller's are designed to go in front of the parent placing the child in danger or risk of being impacted first, when they are crossing at the appropriate point but are unable to see or be seen by oncoming traffic. (Due in part to the height of many parked vehicles or other circumstances that may block visibility. ) Is it possible to provide an extension to the sidewalk similar to the bicyclist lanes that have recently been installed? This can potentially provide individuals with disadvantages the opportunity to see and be seen from a safe vantage point. In many states you are required to participate in courses and lessons on driving and safety but where is the course for pedestrians? Whose life is of greater value? Drivers? Pedestrians?Those are both wrong answers. Everyone's life has significant and equal value so why do pedestrians not have equal advantages pertaining to safety? Have you dreaded going to a particular location due to the crossing or actual commute? I myself stopped taking my children to my local library due to crossing in that location. Not only is that an issue that warrants a change it has effected alot. My children now can not experience the joy of being in an actual library, having the pleasure to choose their own books, see all that the library has to offer or check books out on their own. Does that stop them from receiving their books weekly? No but it places limitations they should not exist. 


  • Repositioning the "STOP," sign that is at Glenmore and Christopher Ave. The current sign is facing the Dead End not oncoming traffic to alert drivers to stop. 


  • Update the "SCHOOL X-ING sign at Mother Gaston and Glenmore Ave.


  • Requesting signage to alert the drivers that are exiting the parking lot at Mother Gaston and Glenmore Ave to proceed with caution due to
    children crossing ahead. (The sign that is present is not visible to those drivers.)

  • Please feel free to add changes that you’d like to see as well so we may forward our concerns to the Department Of Transportation. My goal is to have the signage updated in addition to adding a few signs that could better service our safety needs by or before the upcoming school year. Your signature signifies supporting changes that need to be made with peace at mind while standing still and firm on the matter at hand. You are the change for your children and Community! 

*Let's aim to obtain 150 signatures by February 13, 2020.*

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