Bring Baby W home to their rightful family

Tusla walked into a children’s hospital yesterday and took a sick baby from their long term foster carer who wanted to adopt them and handed them to an adoptive family who only met them 5 days ago,. 

The birth mum who left the infant when only one day old said 'she didn’t want her baby to be with a single mother.' A single mother who did everything for the baby whom she cared for as her own.  Sat with her brave baby day and night when they where in hospital . Loved them unconditionally and never once complained about any of it. To her this baby was her brave little fighter!

Foster mother who was with the infant since birth never got to say goodbye to the child. After she fought and lost her battle in court social workers were granted the order to remove him from hospital and take him to a strange home where he now is. The foster mothers children are devastated. Nothing has changed. This is like something out of a history book. Shame on the government and shame on Tusla.

The courts said it was OK for this infant to be removed for her care to live with the family who only they only just met 5 days ago. The Foster family are all devastated. They have all lost someone very special to them. Please help Bring baby W home to the only family they have ever known and loved. 

No names mentioned for safety reasons and please do not mention names in your comments. 

Thank you kindly for your help and support

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