Bring back the Principal of OMA Maktab

As Salaam Mu Alaikum

To set the record straight, this petition has been created by a few concerned parents and have nothing to with the principal, teachers or administration of both Ormonde Muslim Association or Maktabus Saadiqeen.

In Short and Sweet

1. the overwhelming response of parents to move their kids to the Maktab where the resigning principal has relocated proves that the parents as well as the scholars trust the leadership and are satisfied with it.  

2. The loyalty of teachers to move with the resigning principal displays the character of the individual.

3. The decision of the teachers to return to OMA displays that their intentions were never of a devious nature.

We, the parents of the future generation,  categorically state that we do not care about the politics or the name and fame of individuals. We do not care what the issues are and who started it all. We do know that whatever has been created has certainly created a rift in our Umah and has divided Muslims. We do know that we want the OMA Maktab to be restored to the manner in which it was run previously. for the sake of the education of children, the prosperity of our community and the unity of our Umah, BRING BACK THE FORMER PRINCIPAL TOGETHER WITH ITS TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATION.

By Signing this petition, I agree that I was satisfied with OMA Maktab being managed by the former Principal, Teachers and Administration.