Bring My Daughter Back Home

I couldn’t hold it any longer this is my daughter Abeeha she is 4 in October she has been taken away from her home since late June by child protection I was on the run with my daughter for 2 weeks so she wouldn’t get snatched her away from me media has posted an article about me and my daughter that we are missing and that’s they are worried about us which is totally bull crap they just wanted to snatch her away Nd meaning she was safe nothing could harm her she had everything I am sure u can see in the photos the first 4 r the ones wen she has been away from me I am sure u can see the sad face on her and she is like that each time and I get told by the child protection worker that’s she needs to go therapy the only reason my daughter is like that it’s gonna being Away from her mother since she was born she had a roof over  her head clean Cloths  feed and a lot more any child had to early this year her father got locked up in feb as he was the only one supporting us at that time after that I had to do on my own for me and her as I was struggling but still kept everything normall for her I had child protection trying to be involved since. The day of her birth I have won 4 court. Cases against them  the last 3 years they couldn’t point one finger at me an in the end they put down in the report over wires which th e judge chucked out of court and later this year in April after everything I went though family violence and my partner being locked away  I went down hill as any Normall person and just went out with mates on the weekend I drank took pills and the 24 hours lates dropping my girlfriend home I got pulled over my highway petrol and tested positive to meth an the reading was so low that’s the only things child protection had on me they have been writing reports which are not even facts they have no proof  they even mistakenly mixed up

My daughter with a a friends of mine that was left alone saying it was mine and now because of that little mistake they have taken her away and she has been not the same daughter that I had bubbly and always laughing she has no joy in her face all becouse child protection thought that she wasn’t safe in my care which they had all the proof she was  being dressed well and  even called her child care each day to ask about her and even the child care said to them she was good so many cases out there that kids need the help no me or my kid they taken away a child from loving parent that was safe  well she wasting given away by me but my own auntie her own blood becouse of a holiday overseas I that Time she had my payment cut of even after I was giving her money wen she wanted selfish people I guess it’s been nearly 3 months my baby is not with me and st the last meeting I even refused to see my own child becouse it was only hurting her seeing me 3 times a week she was toilet trained well and at the child she doesn’t even go toilet she would just pee in her trousers 

684AEAE3-525F-4B68-A466-DB247D69B86E.jpegF86B833E-D68E-4F00-9D18-9355F7E0E627.jpegWhich is not normall for her  when I have contact with her each time she is not dressed well her hair so long and her nose is running all the time so how is she getting looked after when she is depressed and. She is only 3   I think it’s it’s time to bring her where she belongs so she can be happy again as a child   so SHARE THIS POST TO BRING HER BACK HOME   THIS IS CHILD ABUSE MENTALLY #bringmydaughterbackhome#D731161A-47D1-409E-B82C-E7877786B379.jpeg

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