Bring Parole Back To Florida

BRING PAROLE BACK TO FLORIDA. UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES I BELIEVE PAROLE SHOULD BE RE--ESTABLISHISHED IN FLORIDA NAD OTHER STATES THAT HAVE STOPPED PROVIDING IT TO INMATES....... THINK OF ALL THE INMATES THAT WERE ARRESTED AS YOUNG ADULTS/JUVENILES AND DUE TO THE FOLLOWING RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE DAMNED TO DOING AT LEAST 85 PERCENT OF THEIR TIME RATHER THAN BEING ALLOWED RE-ENTRY EARLY AND/OR WORK RELEASE THEN PAROLE...........Parole in Florida was eliminated for non-capital felonies committed on or after July 1, 1984. Capital felonies resulting in a life sentence (instead of the death penalty) remained eligible for parole after serving a mandatory 25-year term. Legislative action effective May 24, 1994, and October 1, 1995, effectively eliminated parole for all capital offenses as well. Of the 100,514 inmates in Florida prisons on September 30, 2013, slightly more than 4,000 of them remain parole eligible. Only 18 of the 24,460 inmates released from Florida prisons from January 1 – September 30, 2013 were paroled. Another 10 of them had their parole reinstated................PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION WHETHER YOU ARE IN FLORIDA OR ANOTHER STATE THAT PREVENTS PAROLE. THE MORE SIGNATURES THE BETTER WOULD LIKE TO SUBMIT THIS JANUARY 1ST IF POSSIBLE....THANKS