Bring Sephora to Perth

Sick of having to buy Sephora brands online without being able to sample? Sign this.


Sick of seeing everything go to the East Coast, then take YEARS to come to WA? Sign this.


Sick of seeing new Sephora stores pop up everywhere BUT Perth? Sign this.


Sick of going to Mecca for a product, only to find out Sephora stocks it, but you can't buy it because Sephora won't come to Perth? Sign this.


It's been recently been announced that Adelaide was next to get a store, yet nothing for us WA girls. So unless we start shouting louder that we want this amazing makeup store to grace out city, it will be forever until it does! 


Get everyone you can to sign this... friends, sisters, mothers, even the guys in your life, even get your east coast friends to help a sister out! BRING SEPHORA TO PERTH! 

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