Bring Sonza back to the Greenstone Ridge gym

 We as the signees of this petition are highly disappointed in the appalling standards at the GSR Training Science gym as a result of the removal of Sonza.  Sonza is the epitome of an impeccable trainer, whose motivation is highly contagious, translating into outstanding fitness and weight loss results. During his time at the GSR gym, he developed fantastic relationships with his clients and understood the core fundamentals of what each one required. As a result, the GSR gym was such an exciting place where we were all motivated to go and train.  

However, we are extremely disappointed in the removal of Sonza without agreement from us as the clients who went to his classes and were trained by him. Surely, as a training company, the clients’ needs should be met and only if majority of the users have physically signed to have such a drastic change made, only then should it be implemented. None of this was discussed by the actual users of the gym and hence this is very inconsiderate to those who have to pay such high rent and levies to use the facilities to have had this decision made. We have lost confidence in the Training Science brand as a whole due to these constant decisions when it comes to training staff. Firstly, Aaron was removed from the GSR gym, which was also a great loss and disappointment to us, followed by Sonza, which we feel was the worst decision made for us. A trainer is one of the most important factors in one’s satisfaction and success during their training and we would expect that as a training company, this would be common sense unless the company does not care about the clients.

We are extremely frustrated and unhappy with this decision and are appealing for Sonza to be relocated back to the Greenstone Ridge gym and restore our faith in the Training Science brand again. We believe that if the Training Science company cares about us as the clients, Sonza will be brought back to us. If our request is not met, we will be appealing to replace the training science gym with a different brand.    



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